Sunday, 11 October 2015

Outfit Post: The Cosy Poloneck

Style Theory: Cosy weekend jumpers are a must in the winter. I love them to be slouchy, soft and snuggly, perfect for Sunday walks then lunch in a country pub...
I love this Boden 'Everyday' jumper, it is soft merino wool, a great length to wear with leather leggings/ skinny jeans and comes in really useful neutral colours. It is true to its word and is the kind of knitwear you want to wear everyday, it will be a hardworking piece in my wardrobe this Autumn/Winter.
Boden Merino Wool Everyday Jumper £80.10 (today)
I am thinking of buying the grey too, love a grey poloneck with a camel coat (both on my wish list!)

But most importantly for a Sunday walk you need good company and my Little J is the best walking companion, full of upbeat chat and positivity..and she is always boiling so has now vowed to wear shorts until Christmas..I think she is paying me back for all the time I wrapped her up in a billion layers of clothes when she was a baby and I didn't understand why she cried..if only I knew!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, until next time Frances xxx

**This is not a sponsored post I bought the Boden jumper and love it! :-) xxx


  1. You can't go wrong with the Boden everyday jumper, I love it. Just the right length, ideal for all the kids hockey matches I seem to be watching these days.

  2. I have a couple of these from previous years and think I may get the chinchilla with the XTRA code we have in the US right now!

  3. I have the off duty sweater in grey from last year, similar, but I think the eyerday jumper is a better fit for a more petite frame. BTW you look fabulous!

  4. Fabulous. What size did you go for Frances? It really helps to see how something like this fits on you as I'm a little shortie too.

  5. I love them. I can't justify another polo neck (I have zillions of them) plus I have just purchased a cashmere version from Gap (with birthday vouchers.) You look lovely. H x

  6. Love it! Just ordered a Boden polo neck too. V jealous of your lovely country walk too! Xx

  7. The colour of this Off Duty sweater is so stunning on you Frances, it's really vibrant! I love it! I have a black one and find it is super useful for this in-betweeny weather when you don't want to wear a coat but need something warm! The Zara trews are amazing on you to....great with the wellies, so glam for your country ramble! xx

  8. what i can say about like this outfit really beautiful and also the place where you took this pictures looked lovely


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