Thursday, 22 October 2015

Diamonds and Pearls...

Style Theory: Pearls will never go out of fashion, they look chic, sophisticated and beautiful. Models on the AW15 catwalks were adorned with pearls, Givenchy, D&G, Stella McCartney and Chanel sent their models sashing down the catwalk accessorised with pearls..

Pearl accessories, thankfully are not only restricted to a designer purchase, they are affordable and look amazing dressed down...

I used to always wear pearl earrings but recently had been wearing plain gold studs, just due to laziness of not changing earrings to go with my outfits, so when Claudia Bradby asked me if I would like to choose a couple of items from her collection I jumped at the chance and as soon as I received the stunning pieces my love for pearls was re-ignited and I have worn them every day since..

All of Claudia Bradby pieces are made from freshwater cultured pearls and they are truly beautiful. The pearl reflects a flattering glow on your face, the earrings look understated and undeniably classy. I love to wear them with my sweater and jeans, they just add a sophisticated touch to my casual, everyday outfits.

Here are my favourite pieces from the range..

Pearl and Diamond Cocktail Earrings £294

These are extra special earrings, they are made from freshwater pearls and diamonds set in stunning blades. These are truly eye-catching, they look quite 1950s in styling, so original, I have not seen this style before and adore it. The blades are removable so the pearls can be worn by themselves. A truly indulgent gift..

Pearl and Diamond Cocktail Earrings (with Blade removed) £294
Eclipse Silver Ring Necklace £69

The pearls are the beautiful colour worn alone. The Eclipse necklace is subtle and stylish, the length for me is perfection (it has an extension chain so you can wear at the height that suits you, I love to wear my necklaces quite high) There are two tiny pearls on either side to add a touch of luxe. This would be the most beautiful christmas present...

I also adore these earrings..

Pearl Duo earrings £70.50

A little twist on the classic pearl earrings, a little more glamorous and edgy.

Audrey Pearl Stud Earrings £45

Classic pearl stud earrings, you cannot go wrong with these as a gift, each pearl is grown individually then put into pairs, completely unique and undeniably elegant.

Essential Pearl Necklace £57

This necklace is so subtle and beautiful, it can sit high on your neck and looks gorgeous on. One to add to the Christmas wish list..

From left: Lucia Pyrite and Pearl Bracelet £82.50
Santorini Bracelet £82.50
Mimi Pearl Bracelet £75
Essential Silver Bangle £82.50

Each one of these bangles is beautiful in it's own right but stacked up they look fabulous. 

I am officially back on board with Pearls, and thank Claudia Bradby for bringing them back into my life!

Are you a fan of pearls do you wear them or have they fallen off your radar too? As always I would love to hear your thoughts comments...Until next time Frances xx

I was gifted the earrings and necklace but was under no obligation to blog nor was I paid to do so, just really wanted to share them with you as I do think they are stunning! Thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog xx


  1. I have been rocking my granny's pearl necklace, love it with a breton at the moment!

    1. Oh yes, I love pearls with a breton, such a classic, cool look xx

  2. I have a pearl bracelet and I wear it often. Love the necklace you are wearing. I'll have to investigate. My Christmas list is getting ridiculous 😀xx

    1. Tracey, ha you and me both Christmas list now ridiculously long! I adore pearl bracelet, ,looks so lovely xx

  3. I have a pearl bracelet and I wear it often. Love the necklace you are wearing. I'll have to investigate. My Christmas list is getting ridiculous 😀xx

  4. I love them too. I have three pairs of pearl earrings in different styles and metals. Plus two pearl bracelets. I also have a classic single strand but rather Sloaney pearl necklace from way back when - any idea how I can bring it up to date so I can start wearing it again?

    1. ooo I think you can so wear your necklace, I love them over a grey T-shirt, pair of black or blue skinny/boyfriend jeans and some loafers or ballet flats, keep it casual and classic xxx

  5. I have never worn pearls but these are beautiful pieces. I particularly love the stacking bracelets x

  6. Lovely blog. Unfortunately CB pearls on my bracelet seem to be rather lacking in luster and then I stumbled upon this pearl expert who makes wonderful pearl jewelry - based in UK where I am at the moment -and best of all she makes things to your spec! Kyrene Designs

    1. Hi Lauren, oh that is a shame I have found my Claudia Bradby pearls on both my Earrings and necklace to be full of luster, a beautiful colour and far better quality than pearls I have come across before and I have had a lot of pearl earrings in the past. I am glad you have found a brand you like x


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