Tuesday 29 April 2014

Kate Moss X Topshop

Kate Moss launches her new collection for Topshop this evening in Oxford Street and tomorrow online  (Topshop and Net a Porter). This is Kate's first collection for Topshop in 4 years and is based on her own personal favourite pieces of clothing and style heroines. Be prepared for lots of fringing, 70s boho looks and pyjama dressing...!

It is obviously very Kate Moss and as we are all not supermodels some pieces will be more wearable than others, the silver lame maxi dress for example would be a tricky style to wear, however there are few pieces in the collection that are timeless and chic and will be 'hard workers' in your wardrobe. Her collection is 'going out' heavy with very few daytime pieces which is a shame as I love her day to day wear. Nevertheless here are my favourites and how I would wear them:
Sequin Embroidered Mesh Jacket £85
This would look fab on holiday over a white vest top, pale blue distressed jeans and some flat metallic sandals for a relaxed dressed up look.
Beaded Fringe Jacket £225
I love the idea of this jacket being dressed down, worn with jeans and heels and a pale grey tee. Or worn over a black jumpsuit. It is expensive but the style is timeless so would be a 'keeper'.
One Shoulder Chiffon Dress £85
Iconic Kate Moss dress copy, Kate looked stunning in a similar lemon yellow vintage dress bought from an LA vintage shop and worn by Kate in 2003. This style still works today and looks great in vibrant green and yellow but is also available in black. This dress I would wear with fine strappy gold sandals and maybe an animal print clutch to make it a little more 2014. 
As above

Long Fringe Tassel Dress £95
As with all the clothes this dress looked exceptional on Kate, I like it as it is a little different, not sure how annoying the tassels would get on a night out though?! It would look cool with tan shoe-boots and a cute bucket bag.
Scallop Shorts £46
Very cute, I would wear these with a little chambray shirt and cut out brogue shoes or strappy flat sandals.
Aztec Print Sundress £60
A beautiful day to evening summer holiday dress, wear during the day with black thin Havianas and then in the eve with metallic sandals.
Embroidered Smock Blouse £60
This would look great with a pair of black ankle length skinny jeans and flat metallic sandals.
Embroidered Smock Dress £75
A great dress to throw over a bikini wear with with tan leather flat strappy sandals.
Paisley Print Chiffon Scarf £45
This would look cool in a Kate Moss/Jamie Hince way over an slouchy grey tee, blue skinny jeans, slouchy tan suede boots and a black blazer.
What do you have your eye on, is there anything that appeals to you and will work in your wardrobe? 
As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, Frances xxx


  1. The sequinned mesh jacket is my fav love your styling ideas.

    1. Thanks Sue, my lovely sister ordered me the sequin jacket I love it! X

  2. Didn't she do a green dress like that in one of her previous collections? My daughter shot it at work weeks ago (she works at NAP) and she said it was rubbish which surprised me as she usually wants everything!

    1. Not a good sign that your daughter is not interested she is on the ball!! Must admit wasn't over impressed by the dresses not great at all but I ordered the camisole and the sequin jacket as I would definitely wear them anyway. Xx

  3. Great post Frances - the dresses are lovely but look SO short...would have to see them tried on...colours are lovely though. Apart from that, I'll not be hovering on the buy it now button tomorrow morning I'm afraid! Ax

    1. You are right Avril they are super short, better for the youngsters than me!! Xx

  4. The sequin jacket is my favourite a sold out in my size already!
    Abbi x

    1. It is lovely, my lil sis ordered one for me this morning and I actually found one in my local store today, it is lovely! X

  5. I think you have picked the best pieces. I must admit I am not over enamoured with the collections that Kate Moss does with Topshop. I am sure that green dress is a reincarnation of one from the earlier collection but I think that one was a pale, lemon yellow. H xx

    1. Yep a bit if a re-hash most of it but a few nice bits x

  6. I saw your instagram pic - so did you get the sequinned jacket then? It looks lovely on you.

    1. Yes I love it, my sister ordered it as a present for me which was just sooo lovely I love it! Xx

  7. I have a thing for fringed things just now, so I think i'll be heading there soon to see Mossy's new collection! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Tatyana @ Secret little Stars


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